Admission Process Based on the merits of the case, the evaluation of the idea/business plan for incubation purposes, any of the following processes could be adopted.

1. Through two levels of review process:

Internal review- by senior business team members. A pitch template will be shared with the applicant for presenting to the internal team. This may take a few iterations till desired clarity of the idea/business is achieved.

External review- A business plan/deck is prepared after satisfactory internal review by the applicant. This is then sent to two/three experts for their opinion/feedback. Experts could be from the domain, investor, established entrepreneur, potential client/user.

Applicants may be asked to present to the concerned experts and feedback sought.
However, in the following cases the review process may be relaxed: Have got funding by Angels, Angel Network, VC of up to Rs.5 lakhs.

2. In case of pre-screened and previewed business ideas/cases by government grants/competitions, on their approval, the same will be directly taken for pre-incubation or incubation as the case may be.

3. All other cases will be processed as in (i) above with internal review followed by atleast two external reviews. Incubation approval is subject to completion of satisfactory review process.

4.RCOEM TBI will have a sole discretion whether to admit or reject a proposal for incubation and the decision of RCOEM TBI in this regard shall be final. RCOEM TBI is not bound to give any reason in case a proposal is rejected.

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