Ira Industries, engaged in manufacturing patented modern building and paver blocks with novel concept that requires process modification in manufacturing with silica fume and fly-ash admixtures. The manufactured blocks are fit for low, medium and heavy traffic condition. The company also manufactures building blocks for compound walls, emergency shelters and Permeable Blocks.

CEO: Mr. Akshay Shirpurkar ( B.E. Civil)
Funding received Rs.5 Lakhs from RCOEM TBI FOUNDATION and Rs. 3.5 Lakhs from Ministry of MSME under HI/BI scheme.

The Imperial Lubricants : A startup engaged in manufacturing Multipurpose Grease, a Low cost substitute for Import Quality branded grease. The startup aims at improvement in consistency, density, quality, drop point and other properties for varied applications.
CEO: Mr. Apurv Dey ( III year B.E. Electronics)
Seed Funding support Rs.1 Lakhs from RCOEM TBI FOUNDATION and Rs. 2.5 Lakhs from Ministry of MSME under HI/BI scheme.

Somebuddy is a ITES platform to address construction related issues. It is a platform where one can find experienced contractors, material suppliers and service providers from architects to interior designers and compare quotations, reviews necessary to make a right decision.
Team : Mr. Vaibhav Kaushik, Mr. Akshans Gupta and Mr.Tarun Rawat ( B.E. Electronics )
Seed Funding Support Rs.5 Lakhs from RCOEM TBI FOUNDATION.

Doorstep one-stop solution for servicing, repair and insurance renewal services for two wheelers.
Team : Mr.Suraj Birthariya( IV Year B.E. EN) , Mr. Abhijeet Gupta (IV year B.E EN)
Seed Funding Support Rs.3 Lakhs from RCOEM TBI FOUNDATION.

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